Aha van Joefarm (Ace) †

Malinois - Male

Aha van Joefarm (Ace) †
Date of birth: September 30, 2001
Date of death: December 18, 2009
Height / Weight: 68 cm / 38 kg
Registration number: NHSB 2375713 (Belgium Import L.O.S.H. 0902480)
DNA Profile:
Sire: Elgos du Chemin des Plaines
Dam: Thora van Joefarm
Pedigree: Open Pedigree


HD-A, NBW 33, botafwijking 0, onvoldoende aansluiting
Left DI 0.19
Right DI 0.23

KNPV toetsing


In our search for a malinois out of Elgos-lines we had the fortune to be able to buy a male out of the last litter ever produced by Elgos du Chemin des Plaines. For this last litter an old combination was repeated (he was bred to a female out of "du Boscaille" working lines). This combination has given driven, temperamental with a high level of natural aggression offspring and this combined with the full Belgium grip makes Ace a pleasure to work with.

Ace his offspring is showing what we were expecting of them when using him for breeding. They show the drives, full and hard grip and the natural aggression in working with them. 

On December 18, 2009 he died because of an insulinoma, the hypo-attack caused by the cancer affected him too much. Now I am more happy then ever to have 2 of his great offspring and the knowledge that all over the world people are enjoying and loving his great offspring. And furthermore, not unimportant, I talked to a lot of specialists and all say that we do not have to worry that this is something inheritable, the big guy just wasnt that lucky in this part.

Information about the owner

Owned by: C.M.M. van de Kamp
Trains: KNPV
Lives in: Culemborg
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