Pippi †

Dutch Shepherd - Female

Pippi †
Date of birth: February 27, 2010
Date of death: September 6, 2015
Height / Weight: 65 cm / 35 kg
Registration number: BRN 17476
Chip number: 528210002483667
DNA Profile:
Sire: Van Leeuwens Ebro
Dam: Van Leeuwens Mika
Pedigree: Open Pedigree


HD free
ED suspected
2 epileptic insults in August 2014

not pain free in her front, no reason found yet, but loosing muscle tone in the shoulders

suspected of an auto imune problem and now started with prednisone to see if we can get her pain free that way.


Pippi was rehomed as a guarddog at the age of 18 months as she wasn't breeding worth because of a vaginal prolaps during her heat. the new owner Ronald Plomp spayed her and now that doesn't bother her anymore as it is heat connected.

Pip is living together with our other guarddogs, Bazooka (Like A Hurricane Aiolos Ares), Malihond Amazing Ace and Lolly (Lagmar van de Baelkenshoek) on our property.

September 29, 2014 Pippi was fully x-rayed. Hips and back are fine, but her elbows aren't. on the left there is atrose and on the right a suspection of LPC

Next to that she had to epileptic insults since mid August 2014.

Over the last year we were searching to find the source of our Pippi her pain, but couldn't find the origin together with the vet and now it came to the point that we had to choose in her best interest instead of keeping her with us for ourselves.

Tonny Nikkelen from Lichtbringer Photography was so kind to make a really nice shoot of our Pippi and just in time as after that she started to get worse quickly.

Pippi started loosing muscle without an obvious reason to be found by the vet. And medication wasn't stopping the process, she lost over 2 kilo of muscle in only 2 weeks.

The last posibility is that it is DM, degenerative myelopathy, and we did send a blood sample to test the DNA for that as her littermates and other related family are used in breeding in the past and current time. Hopefully it isn't DM that was causing her problems.

Information about the owner

Owned by: R.W. Plomp
Lives in: Culemborg, NL
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