Umi du Bois des Trembles

Malinois - Female

Umi du Bois des Trembles
Date of birth: September 30, 2003
Height / Weight: 59 cm / 21 kg
Registration number: NHSB 2498255 (French Import LOF 1 B.B.M. 057411)
DNA Profile:
Sire: G'Rico des Loups Mutins
Dam: Lio du Bois des Trembles
Pedigree: Open Pedigree


HD-A, NBW 40, botafwijking 0, onvoldoende aansluiting
ED vrij
Left DI 0.39
Right DI 0.30

SDCA1 N/N (free)
SDCA2 N/N (free)


At the start of our kennel we went looking for lines we liked, that is how we came up to Umi her breeder and got the chance to buy Umi as a pup. Over the last years Umi gave us several great litters.

Umi retired last year from breeding and is enjoying her pension at our place.

Information about the owner

Owned by: C.M.M. van de Kamp
Trains: KNPV
Lives in: Culemborg
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