Haras van d'Arcen
Like A Hurricane Chaya Chanah (Medusa)

Haras van d'Arcen

Like A Hurricane Chaya Chanah (Medusa)

Date of birth: January 5, 2013
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Unfortunately all pups from our K-litter died. Why? couldn't find much, but we suspect the combination of stress from the heavy labour and the antibiotics that she needed because of the infection in her paw and narcotics needed.

Medusa will not be bred again, but we will use Haras (Limbourg) in the future. Our plans are for our N-litter at the beginning of 2014 with a halfsister of Medusa, Like A Hurricane Dyna Dora, the mom of our succesfull I-litter.

March 7, 2013, the whole story:

finally I have found the strenght to tell the whole story about the loss of our K-litter Medusa (Like A Hurricane Chaya chanah) x Haras.

The start of this litter was (as with Medusa her first litter) again a little strange. The male we planned for her was a not experienced stud and the mating didn't take place because of her dominance, so on day 16 we travelled to our spare male we already had chosen (as this was the same with her first litter, not accepting an unexperienced male and also then I had a spare one which turned out as a great litter). Haras took 5 minutes to get through her dominance defence and she accepted it then immidiately.

The period of her pregancy was totally without trouble, Medusa was in good shape phsycally. During the night at day 60 she geave birth at 0200 AM to a small, but strong looking pup, unfortunately Medusa was in a lot of pain and that seemed to block her from getting further into labour.

At 0500 AM we visited our new vet (we just moved) and nothing more then praise for this vet, clinic Landhorst for standing available 24/7, they really have the heart for the animals on the right spot.

Medusa unfortunately didn't accept the vet examining her, so he had to sedate her a little. An x-ray showed the pups were nice in line for birth, so no complications expected. Medusa got some painkillers and oxytocine and we got home. The other pups were born during the next hours.

The first born was really small compared to the others and didn't survive the night, from the other 9 born, 1 was born dead, the rest were all healthy looking big and strong pups.

Having some doubt about if Medusa was ready with labour, we had the vet come over at the afternoon to check her. Normally we don't do that, but because this wasn't a normal labour I wanted to be sure. Only this visit also stressed her a little.

The day after that visit her right front paw swoll and it looked like her milk was not as much as before. Again a visit to the vet, the front paw was infected, but we couldn't find from where, so she got antibiotics to stop that and hopefully get the milk back as it was. Futhermore Medusa was a really good mom, just as with her earlier litter.

In the next following day it didn't look that the antibiotics was doing their work and we lost 2 other pups again on day 3. With the vet check of her paw it came clear that some more had to be done. We had to open the infection, put a drain in it and other antibiotics. The vet also put some of the infection on test to see if the antibiotics was working.

After this Medusa had a quick recovery, we only lost the 2 weakest ones then and the other 4 were turning out to be great, massive, healthy and strong pups.

The infection was reacting to the antibiotics and the wound was healing nicely.

On day 10 the pups even started to open their eys, so no problems with development at all. What went wrong then stays a guess, but the anthesia and the antibiotics could have triggered some with Medusa or the pups or could have given some not seen defects (section didn't show anything stranges at all) as on day 11 Medusa killed the last 4 with a precicion bite behind the skull (to be shown at an xray, no visible damage outside).The closest guess is change in behavior (maybe even seisures) with the pups due to anesthetics and antibiotics, but those were all needed to save the life of Medusa and she has been the most important all the time for us, so we had no choice.

Because of all this we decided to keep Medusa from breeding in the future, she never has to go through anything like this again. Medusa did kill the last 4 herself, but it was a burden on her, she kept looking for her pups after they were gone, for her recovery we took her out of her own enviornment and a friendly kennel "van de Maanwacht" was so kind to take care of her for a couple of weeks.

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