Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert (Nash)
Cykodog Absinthe (Lyka)

Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert (Nash)

Cykodog Absinthe (Lyka)

Date of birth: August 13, 2017
Males: 5
Females: 3
DNA Profile:
Pedigree: Open Pedigree
External link to pedigree: Pedigree


Lyka (Cykodog Absinthe) is carrying pups from Nash (Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert) Born August 13, 2017

5 males and 3 females

sweetspicy day01 01


sweetspicy day01 02

Pups will be dewormed several time, vaccinated for Parvo & Distemper and x-rayed at their backs to see if there is a lumbal vertebrae to many (8 instead of 7) at 6 weeks, microchipped by the Dutch Kennelclub, have an FCI pedigree including an export stamp for our foreign owners and will have their DNA profile registered.

The pups will leave from the age of 8 weeks within the Netherlands and for export depending on the import rules of your country.



Like A Hurricane Señor Sandalio (Shep)
Registration number: NHSB 3093833
Chip number: 528140000696356
Owned by: D. Anderson
Trains: detection
Lives in: Oss, The Netherlands
Like A Hurricane Señor Sendoa
Registration number: NHSB 3093832
Chip number: 528140000696753
Like A Hurricane Señor Silvestre (Grifter)
Registration number: NHSB 3093831
Chip number: 528140000696543
Owned by: K. Flanders
Trains: Ringsport
Lives in: USA
Like A Hurricane Señor Salvador (Hudson)
Registration number: NHSB 3093830
Chip number: 528140000699317
Owned by: H.Jones
Trains: Ringsport
Lives in: USA
Like A Hurricane Señor Sosimo
Registration number: NHSB 3093829
Chip number: 528140000699300


Like A Hurricane Señorita Sofia (Zazou)
Registration number: NHSB 3093836
Chip number: 528140000699990
Like A Hurricane Señorita Sara (Luna)
Registration number: NHSB 3093835
Chip number: 528140000696819
Owned by: fam. Bisschops
Lives in: The Hague, The Netherlands
Like A Hurricane Señorita Salomé (Sally)
Registration number: NHSB 3093834
Chip number: 528140000700518
Owned by: C. van de Kamp
Lives in: Zegveld, The Netherlands
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