Plans 2021

As we all know at this moment COVID-19 rules the world.

The upcoming Comme un Ouragan litter cannot continue due to all lockdowns with the planned male in Germany. 

But no worry, for a future litter from her we also had our eye on a Dutch located male, Like A Hurricane Proteus Poseidon SEM, KNPV PH1, so we switched to him for this litter and will go to Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert on a later moment. 

Sem his Embark and CJM tests are pending. Rikki is SDCA 1 and 2 free and also free from CJM, so the results of Sem his tests will not change this choice.

More information here

Hopefully all other plans later in 2021 will be able to continue. 

Plans 2020 - 2021

Unfortunately Rikki (Like A Hurricane Raine Rikki) stayed empty from the mating last March. Therefore I decided to breed Sally (Like A Hurricane Señorita Salomé) first, her heat is expected May/June 2020.

The male choosen for Sally is Beau von der Wesenberger Blutbuche owned and trained by Stefan Lasch. You can find the lines of this litter here

Coming winter we will try the litter with Nash, Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert and our Rikki again. You can find those lines here.


if you are interested please send me an email. 


CJM - The mutation that causes CJM is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait.
The disease only develops in individuals who inherit the mutated gene from both parents.
These individuals are referred to as P / P (positive / positive).
The carriers of the mutated gene, designated N / P (negative / positive), inherited the mutated gene from only one parent and have no clinical symptoms, but they pass the disease on to their offspring.
The mutated allele is discovered through genetic testing and further spread of this mutation can be prevented.


Last year it became possible to DNA test as the gene was located.


We send blood for research to Bern a long time ago and because of that also got the results on this new located mutation on all 14 dogs we send it in for. Cykodog Duane Duke and Like A Hurricane Julius Jarrett turned out to be carriers.

For some reason we didn't check Sally (Like A Hurricane Senorita Salome) before the mating as we thought she was also with that batch, but it was done before she was born.

So when we were lining up who needed testing from the youngsters, Cykodog Kiara, Comme un Ouragan Umbra Umora en Comme un Ouragan Unikum Uragan, we realized she wasn't tested and an extra test was send in.

Like A Hurricane Senorita Salome is now tested and she seems to be a carrier.

As due to sending the blood to Bern for testing a lot of ancestors are tested and this result gives us information about the not tested dogs.

Like A Hurricane Senorita Salome SALLY - carrier (Laboklin)

Dam: Cykodog Absinthe LYKA - free (Bern)

Stud: Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert NASH - not tested but as Like A Hurricane Senorita Salome is a carrier and her mom is tested free he must be a carrier


Parents of Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert

Dam: Pirro le Serviteur Puissant PEPPER - free (Bern)

Stud: Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis JEANOT - not tested but as Like A Hurricane Julius Jarret and Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert are carriers and at least Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert his mom mom is tested free he must be a carrier


Parents Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis JEANOT

Dam: Umi du Bois des Trembles - free (Bern)

Stud: Aha van Joefarm ACE - not tested but as Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis is a carrier and his mom is tested free he must be a carrier


Lines of Aha van Joefarm ACE

Dam: Thora van Joefarm (Roe van Joefarm daughter)

Stud: Elgos du Chemin des Plaines


More information on CJM

And in German

Pups in 2020 and health tests done

Current litter

as is know the U-litter pups are now 4 weeks old and all sold.

CUO pups 24days

Health testing

Over the last couple of weeks we tested Like A Hurricane Quirina Qoncordia, Like A Hurricane Raine Rikki en Like A Hurricane Señorita Salomé.

All 3 were already tested by Embark but are now also PennHIPped, OFA is done from hips, elbows and shoulders and the lower spine is evaluated by the vet. 

PennHIP results are in and are really good, spines are evaluated by the vet at vetclinic Den Heuvel in Best and are all good.


All results you can find on their pages.


Last Wednesday I took Like A Hurricane Raine Rikki for the official eye test and also that was good. 


Litter plans for the rest of 2020

Like A Hurricane Raine Rikki is in heat and will be bred by Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert NASH (MR2)



Umi - my once in a lifetime girl...

Last Friday, 15 years after we picked our foundation girl Umi up in France we had to let her go. She was done here, her body and mind were finished. All of a sudden normal old age stuff turned into too much old age stuff to still be giving quality of life. Thursday morning she told us all was done, life was done. 


Luckily we have a really loving vet, Dierenkliniek Den Heuvel, that was willing to come to our home to spare her a trip over there and to let her go in her own known livingroom. Friday November 23, 2018 around noon we said our final goodbye. 


And I say exactly 15 years, as November 22/23 was the weekend in 2003 we picked her up in France with her breeder, an awesome breeder that always followed us and still loved her very much.

Last summer we even visited her breeder again in France.  


This wonderful girl, my Umi, has given me everything, she stood by my side through important parts of my life, cheered with me, but also was there if I needed a shoulder to cry on.

Umi her passing leaves an enourmous gap, physically, mentally but she also leaves a legacy. Umi will live on and continue in her offspring and all generations after that..... 

It's ok little one, you gave me all, you gave me your A-game, hope I did the same to you, at least I tried........

You'll never be forgotten.....


Some photos taken by Jacqueline Wagener only 2 weeks before we had to let her go.....








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