T-litter expected March 2018

on January 1 2018 Pepper (Pirro le Serviteur Puissant) started her heat and yesterday the progesterone testing showed she was ready to be bred. 

Around March 9, 2018 we will hopefully expect the pups from Pepper (Pirro le Serviteur Puissant and Inno (Like A Hurricane Innokas Isoveli)

Like A Hurricane T-litter



Like A Hurricane Julius Jarrett x-rayed

At almost 5 years old Like A Hurricane Julius Jarrett "JERRY" was officially x-rayed and the Dutch kennel club rated him with HD A and ED free. 

Lyka (Cykodog Absinthe) in heat

As expected Lyka (Cykodog Absinthe) her heat started. Hopefully we can expect the S-litter of her and Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert (Nash) around August 12 2017, 2 years after Lyka her first litter in my kennel. 



S-litter born

Sunday August 13, 2017 the S-litter was born out of (Cykodog Absinthe (Lyka) x Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert (Nash)) 

5 males and 3 females, all nice and dark pups.

Upcoming S-litter confirmed - reservations open

Just back from the vet that confirmed the pregnancy of Lyka (Cykodog Absinthe) bred to Nash (Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert), so now reservations for this upcoming wonderful litter are open.

Expecting the pups around August 11, 2017 and depending on the country your from they can leave from the age of 8 weeks or later. Most airlines don't accept pups under te age of 10 weeks and a lot of countries have importrules that don't allow the dogs before being fully vaccinated so the pup then needs to stay longer.

If you want more info please email or call me, contact details can be found on the webpage. 

R-pups born - all pups are sold

Yesterday the R-pups were born, 3 males and 4 females. Anja (Fox) is an excellent mom to them.

The coming weeks I will update on the Facebook account of Like A Hurricane Workingdogs. In 4-5 weeks the pups will accompany me to work at Sporthond in Conditie and will also explore the puppy playground and more. 

All pups are sold.

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