Q-litter born

September 3 the Q-litter was born,5 males and 3 females and all and mom are doing well.

No pups available from this littter.

starting extra activities in the Netherlands

September 1 I will start with my own practice "Sporthond in Conditie" from our home in Zegveld. For the active dog, working dog, as an addition after surgery to recover better and maybe even quicker. I'll be offering sportmassage, balance and coordination training and condition training with the use of a treadmill.

At this moment only the facebook page is active, and only available in Dutch as it is based in the Netherlands. Planning to have the website up and running early July.

RIP Jeanot (Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis)

May 23, 2016 at 1900 local time we have said our definitive goodbye to this wonderful guy, Jeanot (Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis)

The cancer spread to his lungs. At this moment he isn't sick yet BUT is showing discomfort. As its a non-reversible process I'm not waiting until he gets worse and will give him his rest

RIP big guy. We achieved so much, KNPV PH1, Object, won several competitions, entered the nationals and even entered a KNPV PH1 competition last year at over 9,5 years old.

Thanks for all you've taught me

jeanot230516 18


jeanot230516 94

Q-pups coming

Today an ultrasound at Dierenkliniek Den Heuvel confirmed the pregnancy of the Q-litter, Pirro le Serviteur Puissant x Hurricane Hanuman Yuma Enfer avec du Deluje. Pups are expected around September 5.


slight change of plans for 2016

Because of the unexpected passing of my Jeanot (Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis) I decided not to use some of the small amount of straws I have from him for a repeat combination, but safe it for the future to use wisely.

This gave an opportunity for another combination I had in mind, my youngter I'm now training KNPV with will get a chance. He has preliminary x-rays of hips, elbows and back and all looked great. He also was pennhipped recently (hips) and his offcial x-rays (FCI and OFA) will follow after the age of 2 years old. His eye exam came back 100% free yesterday so that is why I decided to use him now for this combination.


Hurricane Hanuman Yuma Enfer avec du Deluje (Yuma) x Pirro le Serviteur Puissant (Pepper) and I expect her heat any day now.

It's been a great week

Both medical as work.

Health results:

last week we got the official results from serveral dogs from the N-litter returned.

Like A Hurricane Nighean Nuada HD A, NBW 38, BA 0 en onvoldoende aansluiting, ED free

Like A Hurricane Nighean Ninian HD A, NBW 36, BA 0 en onvoldoende aansluiting, ED free

Like A Hurricane Nisien Nemor ED free and still waiting on the HD results

And the 3rd male from the L-litter was fully x-rayed and Like A Hurricane Lord Leroy is just like his brothers fully ok. The only female from that litter will be x-rayed next month, that will give the L-litter a 100% score on medical testing and makes me a happy breeder.


And work:

May 1, Linda and Like A Hurricane Olinda Olalla (Mila) achieved on just 15 months of age their BH and that means they can continue to their IPO1.

Thursday and Saturday 2 of my non-FCI breeding were titling for their KNPV PH1 and did that succesfully. Macho (BRN 21227) and Max (BRN 21228) achieved really nice certificates. Macho and Marieke on Thursday 419 points with honors (62-18-319-10-10) and Max and Marinus on Saturday 422 points with honors (65-20-317-10-10).

Like A Hurricane Miss Mirabelle (Marieke) and her owner Ils are competing in the Obedience programma of KKUSH they played 3 good competitions last weekend (93/100-99/100-90/100) and are now close to upgrading from the debutant class and they only are competing for 1 month in this program.

And finally last Sunday Like A Hurricane Mister Merrick and his owner David achieved their CSAU French Ring.

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