testing several young dogs at the vet

Today a busy afternoon at my vet clinic "Den Heuvel" in Best X-raying several dogs

preliminairy X-rays of hips, elbows and back and all 100% of
Like A Hurricane Julius Jarret (Jerry)

preliminairy X-rays of hips, elbows, back and shoulders and all 100% of
Like A Hurricane Nisien Niallan (Nevan)

PennHIP, still awaiting the official results
Like A Hurricane Onofre Ovidio (Ozzy)
Like A Hurricane Olinda Oihana (Orka)
Hurricane Hanuman Yuma Enfer avec du Deluje (Yuma)

Official HD-ED (awaiting official results from the Dutch kennelclub), screening back & shoulders (both 100%) and PennHIP (also awaiting the official results)
Like A Hurricane Nisien Nemor (Dutch)
Like A Hurricane Nighean Nuada (Naksu)

Official HD-ED (awaiting official results from the Dutch kennelclub), screening back & shoulders (both 100%)
Like A Hurricane Nighean Ninian (Kiki)

Pepper remained empty - Q-litter later in 2016

Unfortunately our Pepper (Pirro le Serviteur Puissant) remained empty this time. Around her next heat expected May 2016 she will be bred again, the same combination.

At this moment I'm not taking any more reservations for that combination.

RIP dear Stella

On this day the owners of Stella (Like A Hurricane Eva Estrella) had to make the difficult decision to let her not wake-up after her surgery due to a big tumor in the chest that was giving trouble breathing and keeping food in.

A wonderful female has left us too young and too quick and my heart is with the family Bisseling that loved her so much and made this choice to let her go also with their heart even though it's such a difficult choice it was the only good thing for Stella to do.

not taking puppy reservations at the moment

For the 2 upcoming litters in 2016, the Q- and R-litter, I'm not taking any more reservations due to the long list of interested people. If after birth there are still pups available I will make that known at that moment.

For 2017 the first planned litter is with Anja (Fox) but nothing is sure yet as I didn't pick a stud yet and she will get her official healt tests after the age of 2 years old, so that will be mid/end september 2016.


LAH Psyche Pandora arrived safely in the USA

After a long flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles and an extra night at a new location in Los Angeles little Psyche is finally in the hands of her new owner Anna Kasho.

Always nice when all goes well with shipping and that the new owner is finally getting to see their dog in real life.

Pepper in heat - Q-litter

This morning Pepper (Pirro le Serviteur Puissant) came in heat, when the time is right she will be mated to my Jeanot (Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis) and I hope that will produce the upcoming Q-litter!

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