Pepper in heat - Q-litter

This morning Pepper (Pirro le Serviteur Puissant) came in heat, when the time is right she will be mated to my Jeanot (Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis) and I hope that will produce the upcoming Q-litter!

LAH Onofre Olegario and LAH Miss Margaret

Last november Like A Hurricane Onofre Olegario (Kratos) and Like A Hurricane Miss Margaret (Aviva) participated on the worlds of Dock Diving in the USA. For their age and experience they did really well, congratulations to their owners and all the best for the future of these wonderful alround dogs.

Already got some video and photos of Kratos (Like A Hurricane Onore Olegario) and hope the material of Aviva will follow soon.

video of Kratos during the Dueling World Championships


Esmee & Juul achieved their KNPV PH1

Esmee Meegdes and her Like A Hurricane Julies jerold (Juul) achieved their KNPV PH1 cdertificate in Heeswijk-Winther with 385 points.

I wish Juul all the best in his upcoming working carreer and Esmee with her new pup that she will get in December to train and title KNPV in the future.

Like A Hurricane Julius Jack KNPV PH1 418 with honors

Last weekend Jack (Like A Hurricane Julius Jack) and his owner/handler A. Wardenaar achieved their KNPV PH1 certificate with honors and with nice points Congratulations to them and the club.

P-pups most of them left already

Last weekend the pups sold within the Netherlands left for their new homes, the 3 that fly will have to wait a little longer until they are old enough.

But as all the owners are known now the pups are now also to be found with names, NHSB and microchip numbers on my website and on working-dog.

Hope the pups bring the owners what they are hoping for in the future.

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