We've got the puppycam for the D-Litter online.

Happy New Year

I wish you all the best for 2008. And that you all may achieve all the results in training and exams that you wish for!!!

And a short update on the coming D-litter from Delwyn. Today Delwyn started to lose some milk, other changes in her behaviour are not happening at this moment, so it will take some time before the pups are coming, last litter it took her 8 days from the first milk until the first born puppy, so I expect the pups around January 11. But the webcam will be installed coming weekend so that everybody can follow her and the pups when time has come.

She is carrying

Just back from the vet and YES Delwyn is carrying pups, so for now we cannot do more than wait and see what is coming next.

Like A Hurricane Chaya Carna

The owner of Like A Hurricane Chaya Carna has also started a website, click here to view it.


The C litter got one year old today. For most of the puppy buyers it took some patience to get what they wanted as they were on the waiting list for quite some time, BUT it was worth it seeing how the pups developed the past year. In 2008 the first pups of this litter will go to trial so I will keep you updated.


Not much to tell about the coming litter so far. Daisy (Delwyn) du Bois de la Limite is behaving pretty pregnant and it looked like she has grown already a little bit, BUT with her last litter she lost 1 kilo at 4 weeks of pregnancy and still gave birth to 8 big pups.

In the week of December 10 we will take her to the vet to introduce us over there and to make an ultra sound to confirm the pregnancy.
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